Cat’s Ear Treatment

On this post, I will share about ear treatment for cat and about my experience to treat an infected ear on Dobby. On some notes I will write in Bahasa while the other I will write in English. Hope this one is helpful.   Some of you already know the story of Dobby from Instagram…… Continue reading Cat’s Ear Treatment


This time I will share with you some of the necessities that I always stocked up and put it inside a box for the cats and how to use it. Well, of course beside food and water for them. This might be more suitable for Indonesian people since some of the things are only can…… Continue reading WHAT’S IN MY CATS’ NECESSITY BOX

About Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

I just known about the amazing Virgin Coconut Oil last year. So, it’s been only a year but ever since I know about it, I never let it go and so much in my life that has change. Not only for my own health, but also for my cats! VCO is always my holy grail.…… Continue reading About Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)