This time I will share with you some of the necessities that I always stocked up and put it inside a box for the cats and how to use it. Well, of course beside food and water for them. This might be more suitable for Indonesian people since some of the things are only can be found in Indonesia. But if you don’t live in Indonesia and have some list of the necessities that you got to had in your cats’ closet, you can write in on the comment section so people would know about it.


  1. VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil)

If you’ve read the previous post, you would know how important it is. And have I mentioned that VCO can be used like an iodine? If your cats or dogs have a scar or wound, just dab some VCO on top of it. The VCO would help to disinfected the wounded area then help it dry faster. The other benefits of VCO can be seen on my previous post, or you can just click it here.


  1. Pure Honey

Why I added word “pure” in front of it? That’s because there are many types of honey that’s been sell here on the market. Some are mixed with other stuffs, some are even mixed with sugar or even water. Don’t buy it. Just use the ones that is 100% honey. I know I am vegan and I don’t eat honey. But honey can help the cats in many ways that VCO can’t do.


If your cats are having a cough or severe coughs non-stop. Take honey and put it in their mouth. Let them swallow it. It helped the cough to stop. Then if your cats have severe snots or usually what I call with cat flu (snots can produce in cats because of some viruses), you can help them breathe and fight the virus with honey. Same like cough, just put in on their mouth and make sure they swallow it. The honey would help them to also swallow the mucus that might be stuck on their throat, make them hard to breathe. But still, just like I said, snots are happened because of virus. Take the cats to the vet, honey just the first aid to make your cats feel better before they are going to the vet.


And the most important part why I still need honey for the cats is to make them swallow the pills or tablet. Giving medicine for the cats can be a nightmare. Trust me I have loads of bite and scratch marks on my hands and legs just because I tried to give medicine for both my adopted cats or even worse the stray ones. But we still need to give medicine for them and you know it. Sometimes asking the vet to give us the liquid medicine would cost much more money or sometimes they refused because the tablet/pill one are better. And most if the times, giving the liquid medicine is not going to solve our problems. It spills all over the place, the cats throw it out from their mouth again after we give it to them, and many bad stuffs can happen. After many trials and errors, I finally found the best method when it comes to giving medicine to the cats which is use honey to cover the pill or tablet then shove it to their throat. I know it sounds cruel but the cats are fine. You had to be gentle though. Usually pill or tablet have a bitter taste. Covering it with honey would help to fake the taste and making it sweet. And because honey is liquid but quite dense, compared with VCO, so it would stick to the pill or tablet then make the medicine much easier to swallow because it will make the throat slippery.


  1. Cat dewormer

Sometimes you forget about when’s the time your cats should be dewormed, or you just rescued a cat and he need to be dewormed. That is why having a dewormer on the closet is necessary. About what to give and when to give it or how to give it, you can click it here (it’s in Bahasa).


  1. Vitamin/supplements/immune booster

Haven’t made a post about this yet but it is important to always have vitamins or supplements or immune booster that the cats can have on the closet. Give it regularly and give it on a daily basis for the cat that have special need (in my case just like Ori and Kitto). This stuffs come handy when the weather is not really friendly for the cats and when their condition is not at best. This surely will help so the cats won’t get worse or sick.


  1. Eye drop

One of the medicine that cats usually need is an eye drop. You can use the regular cat eye drop or the ones that you buy at the pharmacy using the vet’s prescription. For me, I stocked up both. I use the regular cat’s eye-drop to treat mild sore eyes, red eye, or dirty eyes. But if using the regular one not working, I change to the second, the antibiotic one. I used the one named Sagestam, it can be used to treat eyes and ears. But it’s an antibiotic though so you can’t use it on a regular basis. Only to treat a sick eyes or an infected ears. I have both and I put them on the refrigerator. Always remember to check on the expiry date, if it’s already passed the date, throw the inside on a toilet then throw the bottle to the trash can. Then buy a new one.


  1. Ear cleanser

I know this one is not happening but I found this stuff is important. Cat’s ears are easy to get dirty or infected. Even usually scabies is found most in the ears. So, it is important to taking care of your cat’s ears. I have two types of cat’s ears cleanser. The first one is an ear drops type. You just put 2-3 drops on the ears and it would kill all the bad stuffs there. It will be effective to treat the inside of the ears because you can’t touch it there. But it would be hard if the bad stuffs is on the tip of their ears. So this is why I have the second one. The second one is a liquid and you use it with a cotton pad to wipe the ears. It would clean up the ears so they would be all happy without scratching their ears so much. Anyway, just like I said on my post about VCO, you can also use VCO to treat the ears of cats and dogs.


I guess this all the list of the important stuff that you need to have in your cat’s necessities box for now. I know it sounds a lot but if you have it, you will safe more money than to take your cats back and forth to the cats because they’re sick. Taking care of cats means taking care of life. It won’t be easy but once you get a hang of it, you will realized that is not as hard as people said it’s gonna be.


I hope this post would help. If you have a question, just write on a comment section here or on our Instagram: @jbscat.


High paws!


About Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

I just known about the amazing Virgin Coconut Oil last year. So, it’s been only a year but ever since I know about it, I never let it go and so much in my life that has change. Not only for my own health, but also for my cats! VCO is always my holy grail. Some of you that follow my cats’ activities on Instagram have known that I also selling out VCO for #buytodonate campaign. All the profits from selling the VCO would be used to feed the stray cats on me and my partner’s neighbourhood. It’s not because we sell it that I wrote this post so people would buy. It is because many people asked me about the benefit and how to use VCO for the pets. I always ask them to search for the answer online because I also did find myself the answer from Google though. And there are already many many articles that written about VCO and all of the benefit of it..but still, people keep asking. LOL. So here it is I hope I can summarize it all here.


Coconut oil, and/or copra oil, is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. It has various applications (Source: Wikipedia). Some made from coconut, some from copra (sundried coconut). Both had to be a mature coconut. There are many ways to processed this type of natural oil. I know some people here in Indonesia from organic community who produces and makes Virgin Coconut Oil and sell it. All of them different type of processes to make their final product. But all of them are already great, much better than palm oil (of course! #saynotopalmoil). The less best one usually become a CCO or Coconut Cooking Oil, which is a coconut oil that mainly use for cooking. In my humble opinion, the best ever Extra Virgin Coconut Oil are the one who use what they call as cold-processed. Cold processed mean that the oil made from the natural processed without any heat involved. I bought one before and it works the best. But the price are really expensive I haven’t buy the new bottle since it is too expensive! But if you want to try, just remember to ask the person who sell it about the process that use to make the VCO. Usually they are open about it especially if they are the farmer themselves.


What I use for my cats then and now are the VCO which derived from a cold-pressed (not cold processed). It works amazing but trust me if you have tried the cold processed one you will definitely know the difference that I’m talking about. But then just like I said, any kinds of coconut oil are wonderful and heaven made. I am so grateful for coconut! #allhailcoconut


I got this from wellnessmama.com:

  • “Coconuts are an excellent source of nutrition and have healthful meat, juice, and oil. The oil is arguably the most nutritious and has many health benefits. Coconut oil is over 90% saturated fat and has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.
  • Coconut oilalso has antioxidant properties and it helps in the absorption of other minerals.
  • Coconut oil is an incredible source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which have been shown to have many health benefits.
  • Lauric acid in coconut oil in combination with oregano oil,  has even been found more effective in fighting the staph bacteria than antibiotics. Lauric acid has also been shown to be preventative against some cancers. Coconut Oilis over 40% lauric acid, the richest source naturally available.”

It said that they’ve used coconut oil for their pets for years and turns out that coconut oil can help aid pets’ digestion, improve their coats, help prevent infection and more. Carnivorous animals like cats and dogs would have consumed a high amount of saturated fat in the wild and the beneficial fats in coconut oil are a great way to make sure they are getting enough in their diets. For more info you click the link here and read more about VCO on their page!

There are many testimonies and articles about VCO for humans and animals, just like I said. Just search it on the internet! They have lots of it whether in Bahasa or English. But I guess I will copy another from naturepacific.com here:

“Pets, like humans, suffer from a variety of health problems. Coconut oil offers a simple, inexpensive, and easy remedy to many of these problems. Over the years I’ve heard numerous testimonies from pet owners describing how coconut oil, as well as coconut meat, has been helpful. Coconut oil has shown to be of benefit to all types of animals including dogs and cats as well as horses, cows, and other farm animals. Some of the benefits owners have reported include reduced or elimination of body odor and bad breath; healthier skin and elimination of rashes, itchiness, etc.; coats becoming shiny and healthy looking; improved energy; better digestion; reduction of excess weight; relief from arthritic-like symptoms; cleared-up infections; expulsion of worms; and improved overall health. Applied topically it aids in the healing of cuts, bites, stings, and infections. There have also been some reports of healing from very serious conditions such as poisoning, cancer, and diabetes.”

Well I guess for now you have known about how amazing VCO is and why I always give it to my cats. The next question is, how we use it for our pets? Let them eat it? How much dose that we can give to a 3 kgs cat? Give it once a day or every once a week? Or just sweep it on their fur? How about the ears? Etc etc etc…

First of all, VCO is a natural remedy. So you don’t have to follow a strict rules like a pharmaceutical medicine to use it. You can give it once a day or once a week, you just have to see it what is best for your animal. For me, I give the stray cats once teaspoon each day. For my adopted cats, I only give them twice a week, one teaspoon each. You also can rub or sweep VCO on their coat or fur. It would help to improve their skin’s quality. And if you asked me about how to treat a skin sickness with VCO, I will also answer it to seek it on the internet because on some cases it might work but on the other it won’t. If it’s severe and you can’t do it properly, better take it to the vet. But VCO would help to eliminate ticks and fleas. Rub it to their fur, let them sunbathed outside in the morning and most of the ticks and fleas would fly away. But, it would still be best if you just use Revolution or Frontline or other types of medicine to eliminate all the bad stuff from your pet’s skin. And you can take a tiny bit of VCO on your fingers then rub it to your dog’s or cat’s ears. It would help to get rid of those bad stuffs on their ears. I even use VCO to treated scabies on cat and it worked well they even heal!

Everytime something bad is happening to my cat, VCO is my number one first aid kit. Then after that I can take them to the vet. After weeks you put VCO on their meal (or you let them lick it straight from the spoon by themselves), you will realized that they are much healthier and also their coats are soft and shiny. If you are in Indonesia, you can find VCO on a big supermarket or online or from me (LOL). And if you are not live in Indonesia, I guess you would find VCO on an organic market or online (guess Amazon have it).


Hope this post will help you and your animals


High paws!

Soal Scabies pada Kucing

Seperti yang sudah dijanjikan, saya akan membahas mengenai scabies pada kucing dan penanganannya. Scabies merupakan penyakit kulit yang tidak hanya terjadi di kucing saja. Scabies dialami oleh anjing, kelinci dan juga manusia (pada manusia biasanya disebut dengan istilah penyakit kulit kudis). Scabies pada kucing disebabkan oleh tungau jenis Sarcoptes scabiei var. felis. Tungau yang menyerang anjing berbeda walau penyakitnya disebutnya sama.


Pertanyaan yang umum keluar dulu biasanya adalah, apakah menular ke manusia? Jawaban saya ya dan tidak. Kalau kalian baca-baca di internet, kalian bisa tahu soal ini lebih detail. Kebanyakan dokter hewan dan artikel di internet akan menjawab ya, menular. Tapi berdasarkan pengalaman saya, cerita dari sesama animal welfare independent volunteer, serta dokter hewan langganan saya…jawabannya adalah tidak menular. Memang saya memberikan jawaban yang ambigu karena memang penularannya pun tidak pasti mutlak. Saya tidak mau orang-orang yang baca jadi jijik dan tidak mau bantu ketika kucingnya atau kucing liar yang ditemukan ternyata terkena scabies karena alasan tidak mau tertular. Tapi saya juga tidak mau orang-orang jadi gegabah dan lupa untuk menjaga kebersihan diri.


Kontak rutin dengan hewan, terutama jika jumlah hewannya tidak sedikit, membutuhkan ketekunan dalam menjaga kebersihan diri. Sering cuci tangan, menggunakan anti bakteri, mandi yang bersih, bersihkan rumah dan lingkungan secara rutin, menggunakan disinfektan alami yang aman untuk hewan namun tetap ampuh untuk menjaga kebersihan juga penting.


Saya sudah beberapa kali bertemu kucing scabies. Jelly, kucing yang saya adopsi, bahkan pernah terkena scabies dan dia tetap saya perbolehkan santai-santai di dalam rumah. Tidak ada kucing maupun manusia yang tertular. Dobby dan Cabby, yang dibuang orang di dekat rumah saya dengan keadaan scabies parah, saya pegang-pegang dan peluk setiap hari. Sampai hari ini saya maupun kucing-kucing lain maupun orang di rumah saya tidak ada yang tertular. Tapi apakah ada kasus orang tertular? Ada juga. Kemungkinan besar jika orang tertular adalah karena:

  1. Jenis kulit sensitif
  2. Alergi terhadap tungau
  3. Kurang jaga kebersihan

Biasanya kalau saya habis menemukan dan memegang kucing scabies, saya langsung mencuci tangan yang bersih dengan air mengalir kemudian dilanjutkan dengan menggunakan antiseptic. Jangan lupa untuk lebih sering mengganti dan mencuci baju karena bisa jadi tungau-tungau tersebut tidak sengaja hinggap di pakaian. Jadi jika kalian bertanya apakah aman memegang kucing yang terkena scabies? Aman selama kalian tidak alergi dan langsung cuci tangan yang bersih setelahnya. Daripada takut tertular, lebih baik bantu kucingnya karena kucingnya kesakitan, selanjutnya sisa bersih-bersih. Mudah ‘kan? J


Tungau yang menyerang kucing ini menyakitkan bagi kucing karena dia hidup dan berkembang biak dengan terus melubangi kulit kucing. Kucing akan merasakan panas dan gatal di permukaan kulit dan ketika digaruk akan semakin parah bahkan bisa hingga berdarah-darah. Saya tidak akan menampilkan foto-foto kucing scabies di sini karena ada beberapa orang yang pasti takut atau merasa jijik. Jika ingin tahu bisa langsung search di internet atau lihat-lihat di Instagram juga banyak. Yang saya akan bagikan di sini hanyalah informasi supaya kita sama-sama belajar.


Apa yang harus dilakukan ketika kita mengetahui kucing kita terkena scabies atau menemukan kucing yang terserang scabies?



Jangan panik dan takut sampai langsung foto dan upload Instagram minta tolong kemudian merasa nafsu makan kucing tersebut. Jika masih semangat makannya, tandanya kucing masih sehat hanya mengalami sakit kulit. Namun jika sudah tidak mau makan atau kehilangan nafsu makan, tandanya kucing mengalami sakit lain dan tandanya harus segera dibawa ke dokter hewan atau diamankan.


Jika kucing masih mau makan, coba pegang untuk mengetahui bagaimana kucing ini bersosialisasi dengan manusia. Hal ini dilakukan jika bertemu kucing liar yang terkena scabies, ya. Jika status kucing merupakan kucing feral (tidak bersosialisasi baik dengan manusia), lebih baik ditangkap dan segera bawa ke dokter hewan. Namun jika status kucing ini merupakan kucing yang ramah terhadap manusia, bisa coba dielus dan cek seberapa parah scabies yang diderita kucing: sudah menyerang seluruh badan apa hanya di satu area saja, ada bagian dengan luka terbuka atau tidak, scabies yang menebal sudah setebal apa, paling parah di bagian tubuh mana saja.



Setelah mengetahui tentang kucing, saatnya mulai memikirkan kondisi keadaan pribadi untuk memutuskan penanganan yang akan diambil dalam menyembuhkan atau menolong kucing tersebut. Ada dua penanganan yang bisa menyembuhkan scabies pada kucing: bawa ke dokter hewan dan sembuhkan sendiri. Dalam mengambil keputusan dalam menangani harus matang dan mantap karena membutuhkan dana, waktu, dan komitmen. Tidak terlalu banyak dan mahal memang. Tapi tetap akan diperlukan pengorbanan.


Jika lokasi kucing jauh dari rumah dan tidak memungkinkan untuk membawa kucing ke rumah untuk diamankan, lebih baik bawa kucing langsung ke dokter hewan untuk mendapatkan suntikan anti parasit. Namun suntikan ini harus diberikan dua kali dengan jeda waktu tidak lebih dari 14 hari. Jadi kalau sudah membawa kucing ini ke dokter hewan, 10 hari kemudian harus komitmen untuk kembali ke lokasi untuk menemukan dan menangkap kucing ini lagi untuk mendapat suntikan kedua. Jika kucingnya feral, saya sarankan diinapkan saja di dokter hewan atau diamankan di rumah selama jeda waktu suntikan pertama dan kedua tersebut supaya tidak hilang atau susah-susah tangkap lagi.


Biaya dua kali suntikan anti parasit untuk kucing umumnya tidak lewat Rp 200.000,-. Namun tiap dokter hewan memasang biaya yang berbeda jadi jika kalian menemukan dokter yang pasang harga lebih mahal, tolong jangan maki-maki mereka dengan manjadikan ucapan saya sebagai referensi. Lebih baik jika keberatan minta saja keringanan harga dikarenakan kucingnya merupakan kucing terlantar. Jika dokter hewan tidak mau dan kesulitan dana, coba pergi ke dokter hewan lain setelah melakukan riset mengenai dokter hewan yang harganya tidak selangit tapi jaraknya tidak terlalu jauh dari tempat menemukan kucing.


Jika lokasi kucing dengan scabies itu di sekitar rumah atau kantor di mana bisa bertemu dengan kucing selama lebih dari 12 jam sehari atau jika memutuskan untuk mengamankan kucing di rumah saja, maka bisa memberikan penanganan sendiri. Tapi ingat, kunci penanganan sendiri adalah telaten, rajin, dan disiplin. Keteledoran mengakibatkan kucing tidak bisa sembuh dan menderita lebih lama lagi di tangan kita. Cabby dan Dobby saya tangani sendiri dan bisa sembuh.



Setelah menimbang-nimbang dan mengambil keputusan, bertanggungjawablah dan berkomitmen dengan keputusan tersebut hingga kucingnya sembuh. Jika membawa ke dokter hewan, seperti yang sudah saya sebutkan, bersedialah membawa kucing dan membayar biayanya. Jika tidak ada uang sama sekali setidaknya bayarlah biaya suntikan pertama dan jika sampai harus membuka donasi, jangan lupa pertanggungjawaban kepada publik maupun donatur dengan memberi bukti foto atau video ketika kucing melakukan suntikan kedua maupun ketiga (jika dokter hewan menyarankan) dan berikan laporan rincian dana yang masuk dan keluar beserta bukti struk resmi. Jangan lupa menutup donasi juga ketika dana yang masuk sudah mencukupi.


Jika memilih perawatan sendiri tanpa dokter hewan, tandanya kucing diamankan atau dibawa oleh kita dan di sinilah proses kedisiplinan dan tanggung jawab dimulai. Saya akan memberitahu langkah-langkah apa yang saya lakukan kepada Dobby dan Cabby untuk menyembuhkan scabies mereka.

-. Membeli obat-obatan yang diperlukan

Untuk kesembuhan scabies Dobby dan Cabby, yang dipakai oleh saya adalah:

  1. Salep Scabimite

Bisa beli di Apotek

  1. VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) atau EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  2. Salep Betty

Saya beli di dokter hewan tapi salep ini jika tidak ada juga tidak masalah.

-. 1-2 hari pertama perawatan, secara perlahan rontokan scabies dengan tangan. Kalau bisa lakukan di luar atau ruang terbuka supaya scabiesnya bisa langsung dibuang tanpa tersebar di dalam rumah. Setelah di-kelotokin, oles salep Scabimite ke area yang terkena scabies tersebut. Lakukan sehari 2 kali dan tidak perlu dirontokan semua. Cabby dan Dobby scabiesnya parah, jadi saya hanya bisa korek-korek sedikit karena mereka kesakitan. Dan ketika dikorek akan berdarah memang makanya lakukan perlahan. Jika dirasa kucing sudah terlalu kesakitan, berhenti dan langsung oles Scabimite. Tidak usah banyak, tipis saja asal merata. Merontokan scabies diperlukan supaya salep bisa langsung kena ke kulit.

-. Di antara 2 kali merontokan dan mengoles salep Scabimite di 1 sampai 2 hari pertama perawatan tersebut, jangan lupa diselingi dengan kembali merontokan dan setelahnya mengoles dengan VCO atau EVOO. Yang ini tidak sekedar oles tipis-tipis tapi kalau bisa dibanjur ya dibanjurlah. Ketika kulit mereka diolesi Scabimite, kulitnya akan jadi panas kering dan gatal. Wajar karena salep sedang membunuh tungau-tungau. Oleh sebab itu diselingi dengan VCO maupun EVOO membantu melembutkan dan mendinginkan kulit sembari menyembuhkan juga. Jadi dalam sehari, terjadi 4 kali pengobatan. Ketika mengobati Cabby dan Dobby, dua hari pertama di pagi hari saya merontokan dan mengoles Scabimite, siangnya merontokan dan mengoles VCO, menjelang malam kembali saya rontokan dan oles Scabimite, malam sebelum tidur saya korek dan kemudian oles VCO.

-. Setelah 1 sampai 2 hari di cek dahulu keadaan kulitnya lagi. Jika masih ada bagian yang berdarah parah dan gatal, lanjutkan oles Scabimite. Tapi biasanya setelah 2 hari sudah terlihat perubahan signifikan. Kalau sudah tidak banyak berdarah dan tidak terlalu gatal, stop oles Scabimite dan mari kita sambut hari-hari licin beroleskan VCO atau EVOO. Lanjut dengan rontokan dan banjur VCO atau EVOO sebanyak 4-5 kali sehari. Terus lakukan sampai sembuh. Oles di semua bagian yang ada scabies..bahkan saya sesekali oleskan di seluruh badan mereka. Jangan lupa campur VCO di makanannya juga supaya membantu kesehatan kulit dari dalam. Untuk EVOO saya tidak sarankan diberi makan juga karena Extra Virgin Olive Oil bagusnya diberi makan ke kucing kalau kucing sedang konstipasi. Kalau kucingnya lagi gak ada masalah di pubnya, takutnya diberi makan EVOO malah jadi diare.

-. Setelah 1 minggu melakukan hal tersebut, Cabby dan Dobby sembuh. Saya hanya perlu lanjutkan oles salep Betty sehari satu kali sampai hari ke-10 dari mulainya perawatan. Tapi jika tidak ada salep Betty, bisa lanjut saja terus treatment VCO atau EVOO-nya sampai sembuh.


Saya percaya setiap kucing proses kesembuhannya tidak sama. Tapi tulisan ini saya ceritakan dari pengalaman saya sendiri. Saya harap bisa membantu bagi orang-orang yang mau bertindak dan melakukan lebih untuk kucing-kucing. Jangan lupa ketika kucingnya sembuh scabies, berikan perawatan tetes kutu, biasanya saya pakai Revolution (seperti yang pernah saya sebut di posting-an tentang cacing pada kucing sebelumnya), tapi bisa juga pakai merk lain yang sama bisa mencakup kutu dan tungau dan parasit. Terutama bagi kucing yang akhirnya dibawa ke rumah atau diadopsi karena itu merupakan hal krusial untuk menjauhkan kucing dari berbagai penyakit.



High paws!


I finally decided to make a blog! This is for sharing a longer story or maybe to share some knowledge or information from rescue world, animal world and mostly must be about the cats. I would not always write a post in English though, especially when I write about knowledge (educational purpose) so more Indonesian people can understand. There are many stories about the cats. And sometimes posted in on Instagram is not enough because as time goes by, the post will be forgotten and it can be real hard to comeback to find the old post (especially when we were not using a specific hashtag). So I will share every stories and information that I find important here. Hope this blog makes people learn or at least can be a reminder for human to be nice to animal..


Jelly’s Mom

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