Sasa the child & Sapi the pit bull

Yesterday, a tragedy happened. An 8-year-old child died after got “attacked” by a dog, pit bull dog to be exact, at Malang city, Indonesia. One might have think that this is the dog’s fault. But, is it? I believe that animals know nothing about good and bad or right and wrong. All they want to…… Continue reading Sasa the child & Sapi the pit bull

Soal Litter Box

Dari pembahasan soal hoarding sebelumnya bisa dilihat ya bahwa salah satu ciri hoarder lainnya lagi adalah tidak menjaga kebersihan. Mereka tidak menjaga kebersihan tempat tinggalnya apalagi urusan sanitasi. Area tempat tinggalnya kotor dan berantakan. Hewan-hewannya buang kotoran pun sembarangan. Mereka memperhatikan hal yang tidak penting seperti hewannya dibelikan mangkuk lucu, kalung dengan bel yang manis,…… Continue reading Soal Litter Box

Tentang Animal (Cat) Hoarding

This time I will share about animal hoarding. I write it in Bahasa because looks like many Indonesian people does not yet familiar or understand about how dangerous and abusive hoarder can be. And how hoarder is struggling and suffering from mental sickness. As for people who can’t read Bahasa, I will share here a…… Continue reading Tentang Animal (Cat) Hoarding

Cat’s Ear Treatment

On this post, I will share about ear treatment for cat and about my experience to treat an infected ear on Dobby. On some notes I will write in Bahasa while the other I will write in English. Hope this one is helpful.   Some of you already know the story of Dobby from Instagram…… Continue reading Cat’s Ear Treatment

Soal Scabies pada Kucing

Seperti yang sudah dijanjikan, saya akan membahas mengenai scabies pada kucing dan penanganannya. Scabies merupakan penyakit kulit yang tidak hanya terjadi di kucing saja. Scabies dialami oleh anjing, kelinci dan juga manusia (pada manusia biasanya disebut dengan istilah penyakit kulit kudis). Scabies pada kucing disebabkan oleh tungau jenis Sarcoptes scabiei var. felis. Tungau yang menyerang…… Continue reading Soal Scabies pada Kucing


On this post I will share about worm and cats’ dewormer. I’ve shared it before on Instagram with this picture below but I will share it more clearly since many people asked me about this. But I am sorry for all the people who can’t read Indonesian language because I will write in Indonesia. But if…… Continue reading SOAL CACINGAN DAN OBAT CACING