About the Missing of Ori

To be honest now I’m a bit embarrassed knowing I have posted a blog post dedicated for Ori, then not long after that, Ori went missing. For the people who have not catch up with the update from our Instagram yet, yes, Ori has been missing. He’s gone from 28th of November. That means it has been 7 days until now. I wrote this post not for an update (because he’s still missing), but to explained in detail about the situation and in hope so that I can feel better about it.


For the past month, every Tuesday morning, me and Steve always went out to exercise. So on 28th November 2017, which was Tuesday, we woke up early in the morning and went for exercise. Lately, we were so busy with many kinds of activities and plan but regardless we still do the same ritual for the cats, we just have less amount of sleep and less time to chill. Hence, we need to exercise so we have more strengths and we can be healthier. On 09:30 AM we went back home. I was doing my home chores and taking care of cats at my place while Steve working on his. It was just another day. Same old same old.

I trained the cats at my house to be streetwise. Because I can’t let them all to be fully indoor. I am not supporting the rules that cats have to be fully indoor but also on the other hand I also does not encouraging people to let their pet cats to stay outside. I think it’s all based on the cats, the people who lives at the house, also the house’s condition (I will explain about this on different post later). I let the cats at my house to play outside if they want to and I will always open up the door for them to come inside when they come home. I make sure they come home everyday too.

Steve lives in a rented room, so small it’s just a studio size room for him to live with his 5 adopted cats (one of them is Ori). Taking care of cats is a bit new for him so he was a bit paranoid and scared about anything. A small room with a bad air circulation, damp condition and dark would end to no good if Steve keep being paranoid by not letting any of these 5 cats can spend the time outside. He spend 1 year locking the door and the window, not even have way to cleaning up the room properly since he afraid that the cats would sneaking out when he’s busy cleaning up. Around month of June this year, I have 2 weeks to spend at his place while Steve going back to his hometown to do some work. At that time I took my chance to cleaning up his room, making the air circulated better, and to teach the cats there to be streetwise (or at least to have a new habit of playing outside and coming back when we call them).


It was a success, even for Ori who suffered epilepsy. The cats love this new ritual, they can play with the sunshine, having a fresh air, and it ended up for them to be better in shape and appetite. Steve also love this new habit, so once he came back, he always do the same. Once he wake up in the morning, he open the door wide for the cats come out. Then he clean up the room, doing his home chores, then do some work. On the afternoon, if the cats has not came home yet, he will search for them and usually they would come back.


If you remember, Ori has been missing once before. Only for a day. And we know why..on the day he went missing for the first time, a neighbor right beside Steve’s room were having many guests. It was so loud and noisy and too many people. Ori is a bit skittish when it comes to stranger. We bet he was too scared to come home so he decided to stay outside in hiding. The next day in the morning, Ori came back by himself. If you have been following jbscat dan Ori’s story for a while, you’d remember this.


Last week, when Steve doing his home chores, all the cats were outside playing like usual. After Steve finished, he feel tired because he only have 3 hours of sleep the night before, so he call the cats to come back home. The other 4 came home except Ori. Steve was too tired so he went to sleep and decided to search for Ori once he woke up. But then Ori has not coming home ever since.

Until the next day, Steve wait in case Ori came home just like before. Even he let the other cats went outside like usual for Ori to know that the door are open. But Ori did not come home. That was also not the first time that Steve close the room door for a few hours. In the end, the cats always come back home.

I asked Steve if there’s anything unusual happen around the place he lives. He said this time actually nothing special is happening except that there’s a new male stray cat who just came into the area.


The next day at night I came there looking for him. We walked far and wide screaming Ori’s name. We searched almost everywhere possible. I even tried to look down to the sewer in case I found him. But no signs of him. I went home hoping somewhere in his hiding place, Ori heard our voice and decided to come home the next morning. Turns out, he still hasn’t coming back. Steve even printed some posters, put it on the street, and he’s been looking at CCTV record from the building. The last time Ori was seen from the camera is on 28th November, Tuesday, on 12:24 PM. He was walking outside from the fence to the street. After that, he just missing. Steve even tried to look from different camera in case he can see where Ori was walking to. But Ori just gone. And it was the time even before Steve decided to go to sleep.

Steve still printing posters and putting it up on the street, asking people around (although their answer is always that they don’t know or that they don’t pay attention to the cats) and search for Ori.


Meanwhile, I started to get hopeless. Ori has epilepsy and I am afraid that once he’s hungry or thirsty or stressed, he will caught a seizures. L But Steve said that Ori was in his peak condition. Ori has gained weights, have great appetite and was so playful and active these days. Steve are still hopeful although none of us is ready for this.

Ori (kucing hilang)

I have faced many lost but then although I thought it makes me stronger, still when it happens again it’s still painful. And sometimes it even worse because all of the previous memories and regrets are also come. But at the same time I still have to move on. I still have to do my activities and so what I have to do, for the other cats and for my own sanity. In this kind of moment, sometimes I feel that to grieve and to be all sad and mellow is only for my ego. That is why I am still posting on the social media and blog. Does not mean that Ori is not important or that we have moved on and forget about him. I even still remember about my first cats, how could I forget about Ori? But in this time, if we choose to focus only for Ori and forget about every other things, I guess more regrets will come. I have discussed it with Steve, we will still try to search for Ori but in the meantime we also have to keep our lives together. To keep taking care of the other cats, adopted ones and the colonies. Because I bet this is what’s best for now.


Please, keep Ori in your prayer. We are not giving up (yet).


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