Jelly #Jellythefatcat – How We Met

Jelly #Jellythefatcat
Jelly #Jellythefatcat – days after I met him

How about having a sip of hot flower tea while reading this post? Because this post will tell you a story about our one and only, Jelly baby. You can find his pictures and videos on Instagram by searching for this hashtag: #Jellythfatcat. I haven’t finished to put the hashtag on each one of his video and picture, actually, but you’ll still can see how adorable he is.

Practically, Jelly is not my first pet or even my first cat. He is also not my first adoption or rescue animal. But from all the animals I have adopted that still alive and kicking until today, I can say that Jelly is like my first born, the alpha male, or the eldest son.

Jelly #Jellythefatcat (21st of June 2013)
Jelly #Jellythefatcat (21st of June 2013) – 3,5 months after we first met

Jelly came to me around half a year after my heart got broken from losing my rescued kitten due to accident. His name is Mew. It was on the first of February 2013 when the white-ginger tabby kitten, maybe just only 10-14 days old, left dying in front of my house. One of the neighbor told my Mom that a bunch of kids was playing this tiny helpless kitten like a toy and then just left his dying body there. He probably dying because of stressed, scared, hungry, exhausted and dehydrated. My Mom was going to dumped him somewhere else but she still busy cooking so she just left this little baby cat laying there on the street.

I saw him and I watched him back and forth. I touched him but he’s lifeless. I walked back inside and then out again with milk and offered him some (at that time I have no idea that cats are lactose intolerant so please forgive me). He did not budge even just a little. I moved his laying body to a safer place, to the side of the street, while deciding to walked back inside to take water for him to drink. When I came out again, I was surprised to see that this kitten laying on the street again. It confused me as to why this kitten did not budge when I offered him food but he managed to move his body on to the middle of the street. I thought to myself, “Is he going to have a suicide?” I was really scared with that thought but then I realized that his body was so cold, he needs a sunshine so that’s why he moved his body to the middle of the street to warmed up his body so it can stay under the sun shine.

So, I moved him to the side of the street again and started to dropped waters unto his lips. He licked his mouth a few times. This tiny kitten was so small, still breathing and I really don’t know what to do. Just when I squatting on the side of the street looking on this dying kitten, one of the neighbor passing by with a car. She stopped and then she told me, “Don’t touch the cat! It’s dirty you might get sick.” I was just laughing politely and greet her. Then I walked back inside.

I can’t think of anything else besides this kitten. So, I walked back to the kitchen to find something else to offer to this kitten. Then I found that my Mom was making a cream chicken soup. There were lots of boiled chicken leftover parts. I took one of the boiled chicken bone that still have some meat attached to it to give it to this kitten. I back to squat position then try to touch him with my chicken smelling hands and that’s the time miracle starts happen. He responded to the smell of the boiled chicken. He immediately lift his head and starts meowing. I was so surprised but still managed to peel the meat of the chicken from the bone as fast as I could because suddenly this kitten woke up and try to eat all the chicken meat he can found. I ran out of the meat so I ran back inside and took the whole bowl of the leftover boiled chicken outside. This kitten was screaming his lungs out because he’s hungry. Then I lured him to start walking inside to my house’s porch. I wanted to see if he can walk or not. He forced himself to walk although I knew he only have a very little strength left on his little body. But he managed to reach my place and the next moments he gulped his face with the chicken boiled meat. He eat and eat and eat until his belly got twice as big. Then I put him on the table on the porch and put a small towel on top of him as a blanket. This tiny kitten was Jelly on his first day meeting me. After have his tummy full, he fell asleep on top of the table with a towel as his blanket. This might be his first time sleeping in peace and satisfied alone.

He almost gone too soon, but his will to live a happy life forced him to stay strong. He win from the death. I am proud to call him my baby today.

This is Jelly today. He’s huge and such a survivor. On these picture you might notice he has a wound on his right shoulder.. I have given a treatment for it and it’s healed now, don’t worry.

So, that was the story of how I first met Jelly boy. I will tell you about many stories of Jelly again next time. Please, stay tune. Hope you enjoy this post. xx


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