Ori #Oritheblackcat

On this post I want to tell you a story about one of our adopted cat, Ori. His hashtag on Instagram is #Oritheblackcat. He still with us until today, unlike Kitto who had left early  to rainbow bridge this year (rest in peace, my love). We met Ori for the first time last year on Sunday night, 19th of June, to be exact. We went on night feeding the community cats just like usual. We’ve just started streetfeeding earlier that year and haven’t documented any of our activities yet. Then we met Ori. He was nameless back then and still a little kitten. He was crying his lung out. Alone in the middle of the street. No one came out from their house for him. He was alone and lonely. I saw him and my heart breaks immediately. He was so tiny and so hungry. We fed him kibbles and he ate it immediately. But when we started to left him to continue our night feeding, he left his food, forget about his hungry belly, and started to run to us. I stroked him and at that time I knew I fell in love. I always wanted a black cat. I have a soft spot for them although I never adopted one. My first and my ultimate love is Jelly (#Jellythefatcat) and Jelly is an Indonesian short hair cat or what people call as domestic cat here. His color is white and ginger, so far from black. LOL. So, when I met Ori that time..I was crying because my heart is weak like that.


At that time we already had quite too many cats on our hands. Many community cats to feed and to be neutered too. We have planned to not adding more cats to safe more money for the community cats. Ori came not in the right time.

My partner saw me holding Ori at that night crying. He can’t help but to finally said,”If you want to help him, he can stay with me..I can add one more cat at my place.” That’s a story of how we adopted Ori. I can say that Ori have a strong connection with me. Maybe at that night he chose me as his human. Sadly, I can’t be the one to take him so he have to stay with the human I trust the most, my partner, Steve. Until today, even Steve told me that Ori never loved him as much as he loved me. Ori always get happier and more excited every time he met me. He was a love bug and wonderful. He always kiss me on the mouth every time he had a chance or every time I asked him to. He loves to make biscuit on my belly. And he looked like he listen to me very well every time I talk to him (well, you know this is only a “crazy cat lady” stuff do so you will understand if you also one of us…LOL).

Ori is one of the sweetest cat that we have adopted. He was a very great foster cat and he put himself in charge of taking care of his adopted cat sibling who is sick. Earlier this year when we rescued two tiny kittens that dumped by heartless monster, both of them were sibling and ware only 2-3 weeks old, Ori was in love with them. Ori taught these kittens how to be a happy kitten, he taught them how to socialized and be a cat. Although sadly both of them have passed away, we have beautiful and sweet memories with them and Ori was in it too. And last year when Miu got sick and suffered from FPV (Feline Panleukopenia Virus or Feline Distemper), Ori spent most of the time stay by her side. Ori was baffing her, sleep with her, and make sure Miu feel better. Miu win from the virus thanks to Ori and coconut water.

Ori #Oritheblackcat & KK #KKthegingercat
Ori #Oritheblackcat & KK #KKthegingercat

It’s sad that sometimes bad things happen to such a sweet creature. Around month of January to March this year, my partner realized something strange on Ori’s behavior. He said it was like a panic attack. Ori suddenly jumped like he’s in utter shock of something (which when we checked, nothing has happened), then he peed all over the place and he walk around and around and around. Sometimes he run around too. His body looked stiff and at the same time he was limping. Then he stopped by himself. Then it happened again. It can happen once to four times a day or sometimes nothing happened. It confused the hell out of us. We took him to the vet this early March, the vet was not sure so he told us to keep giving him Vitamin B Complex. The vet told us that Ori might have a problem with his nerve system. At that time Ori also catch a cat flu so the vet gave us medicine to treat his flu first.


But then on April his “panic attack” got worse..it got more often and the worst part, he finally had a seizures. It happened in the middle of April. I was devastated and my partner was stressed out. The next day we canceled all our schedules and go to the vet first thing in the morning. Ori was weak and tired and shocked. I felt bad and sad at the same time. We changed the vet in hope at this new vet he can give us a better solution for Ori. At the vet, the first thing we do was telling the whole story of Ori. About how he was found and adopted, how on a first days at home when he was a kitten he fell from bed and he did not land very well so he peed all over the place and cried, about how the first panic attack happened and how he got seizure last night. The vet then do a thorough checked on him. Ori was cooperating well too, thankfully.

Ori #Oritheblackcat (4th of January 2017
Ori #Oritheblackcat (4th of January 2017)

“Seems like Ori had an epilepsy,” the vet said after a long thorough check on Ori. The vet asked us if Ori had an FPV before. We said no..his adopted sibling had before but he did not get affected by it. “I guess it’s an epilepsy then.” We asked him if it’s because he fell from the bed when he was kitten or is there any trigger to this sickness. The vet said no. This happen because of genetics. Or I can say that Ori take this sickness on his blood, either from his cat mom or his cat dad.

Then the vet gave us prescription for Ori. A very complex medicine, which was very hard to find. But Ori had to received it for the next 15 days non-stop. So we also have to went around the town, go from one pharmaceutical to the next one until we found one who provide the medicine.

At that hectic moments, I was thinking what would happened if we never took Ori in? He would’ve died months ago on the street with no one even care about him. L I can guarantee that along in Ori’s lineage, one or more of his ancestors was incest. Cats who got born from incest sex most likely have a bad health issue and ended up died in a young age. This is why I am pro sterilization, this is why we do TNR, this is why rather than keep rescuing more and more cats-we focused and prioritized ourselves to do more TNR (because we have to choose one from the other), this is why we promote #adoptdontshop. Ori story should be enough to make you change your perspective towards fixing your pets or breeding or buying animals.

Ori #Oritheblackcat (13th of April 2017)
Ori #Oritheblackcat (13th of April 2017)

Taking care a cat with special need, epilepsy, to be exact..is not an easy work. Expecially when you have other dozen adopted cats to be taking care of and dozens other of cat colony to be fed every day. But thankfully with the help of the vet, months and months of medicine and vitamins and supplements, supports from friends on IG and catlover community, and hundreds of hours of learning, Ori is still with us until today. This epilepsy sickness can’t be cured or healed. And we can’t tell if Ori is better or worse since this sickness can drop from up on top down to the hill really fast and so sudden. We tried our best and hope that each day Ori spend is the best day he can have so there would be no regret. Ori still have to go back and forth to the vet. Sometimes he also caught a minor local seizure. We have to keep the medicine stocked up in our fridge in case he had another attack. We have to make sure he eats his food, drink his water, and sleep well. We also have to give him any kinds of supplements or vitamins on a daily basis. If you wonder, currently we are giving him virgin coconut oil (VCO), Nutrigel-Plus, B complex, Neurobion, and Lysine powder. We exchange it everyday.

I hope Ori have a long and happy life together with us. We tried our best and hope for the very best for him. I hope in the end, there will be no regret. In the meantime, he is always loved. I hope his story can make people learn a lot about life and love. See you on the next post. xx


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