A Little Encouragement to do Something for Animal

How important is donation in animal rescue? It mean the world not only for the animal but also all the people behind (the rescuer, the shelter, the staffs, the volunteers). I remember the phrase which says:

“If you can’t adopt, foster.

If you can’t foster, sponsor.

If you can’t sponsor, volunteer.

If you can’t volunteer, donate.

If you can’t donate, educate.”


As a self-willing volunteer that have dedicated some daily hours to the community cats for around a year, I know that to find a capable and sincere adopter or foster parent is hard, even almost impossible. But there always one special star in the darkness of night. Finding a sponsor is easier. My own friend become a sponsor for a dog at a shelter. My rescuer friend managed to find sponsors to TNR community cats. Although it’s not working for me, but knowing there are more people that willing to sponsor for animal is great. To find a volunteer is maybe as hard as sponsor.

And how about donation? What’s the different between donation and sponsor? In my opinion, sponsor is paying the whole bill for one particular event or case or animal or act. For example: sponsor for a specific cat at shelter, or sponsor to rescue one cat that injured, or sponsor to TNR one stray cat, etc. But donation is giving without any attachment. And it does not have to be money when it comes to donation. It can be food or any other things that is needed.


Before we (me and my human partner) jumped ourselves as a cat colony caretaker who does feeding and TNR, we started with adopting from the street and donating. As we grew our knowledge about this kind of reality, we started to educate. Educate is great because people should know about the truth and they have to see from our perspective. There are still way too many people out there that ignorant or simply don’t care about animals. So, if you start to educate with whatever tools you want to use (social media, blogs, or simply talking about it every time you had a chance), you actually help not only the animals but many people who does the work to safe/help them. People who does animal rescue or taking care of shelter is so busy. The difference between them and your favourite top idol is the amount of money on their hand. They both don’t have much time for themselves because they’re too busy, but your idol can buy a Gucci bag just for fun while these voluntary people who spend most time for animals can only eat once a day because they already worry if the dogs have enough food for next week. This is also why most people who work for animals don’t have much time to educate the society about the truth of animal world. I am not a full time rescuer or a rescuer myself. I made this blog for educating purpose. I still have time to share. And if you want to join to educate, please do…we need more people to join so more humans would care about these animals.


And how about donation? I know there are many parties, which I won’t say the names, that used animals to get some money for themselves by taking the donation funds. I also won’t talking about that now. I just want to encourage many people who says “but..I don’t have enough money to help..” Stop that thought. You do have it. The money you want to share it now is more than enough to help these animals. It’s not sponsoring. It’s donating. If you only want to send a one small bag of cat food, let be it. Send it. It can make around 5 cats have a full tummy for a day. And that’s also a blessing for them. If you only have a dollar or IDR 10,000 that you can give, just give it. Don’t be ashamed. It’s your money anyway. No one should judge your current financial state by the amount of donation you’re giving. It’s a gift anyway. And it’s still can help. Jbscat Instagram have 3700 follower. If only 3000 of the follower donated $1 or IDR 13,000 per month to help our community cats, we have $3,000 USD or IDR 39,000,000 per month. On that state, I believe we can TNR most of the cats in our neighbourhood, rescued a sick cat and have them stay at the clinic until she’s healthy, give a better and much healthier food to feed our community cats, and even sponsoring TNR for other independent rescuer. And it’s still more than enough. But the reality, it always less than 1% of the follower on social media that really support through sponsor or donate or share/educate or volunteer. And far more less than that is the people who actually want to adopt or foster. It’s quite sad but this is the truth.


I am not making this post to blame people then forced you to send your money to us. It’s actually does not matter where you send your money to. I just want to encouraged some people who think that their money is not enough to help because they only have a little amount of it. Don’t say,”I will help when I’m rich or when I have enough money.” These animals need your help now. These animals is suffering, hungry and still alive now. Send your help to your trusted shelter/rescuer immediately. Any numbers is enough. And I promise you, the true animal lover person that received your help would be forever grateful with your help. They won’t judge you by saying that it’s not enough or that you’re not helping enough. They know how hard it is to find money and they know how much the suffering it is to be hungry and have no food on the bowl for the animals. They would appreciate your help.


A little story to end this post, one of my friend donated IDR 50,000 or around $4 USD to a local young Indonesian rescuer. She sent it so this rescuer can buy a medicine for a sick cat that she rescued. After a while my friend checked if she have bought the medicine and asked for the bill (since this is her first time donating to this rescuer and she wants to make sure that the cat really got a proper treatment). It’s hard to have the bill picture from this rescuer so my friend keep asking her. Long story short, they have an argument. The rescuer send my friend back her money and said, ”I better send you back your money if you’re this annoying..the amount of money you sent is small anyway.” I was so shocked. I won’t say name but you can see yourselves what kind of “animal rescuer” she is.


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