This time I will share with you some of the necessities that I always stocked up and put it inside a box for the cats and how to use it. Well, of course beside food and water for them. This might be more suitable for Indonesian people since some of the things are only can be found in Indonesia. But if you don’t live in Indonesia and have some list of the necessities that you got to had in your cats’ closet, you can write in on the comment section so people would know about it.


  1. VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil)

If you’ve read the previous post, you would know how important it is. And have I mentioned that VCO can be used like an iodine? If your cats or dogs have a scar or wound, just dab some VCO on top of it. The VCO would help to disinfected the wounded area then help it dry faster. The other benefits of VCO can be seen on my previous post, or you can just click it here.


  1. Pure Honey

Why I added word “pure” in front of it? That’s because there are many types of honey that’s been sell here on the market. Some are mixed with other stuffs, some are even mixed with sugar or even water. Don’t buy it. Just use the ones that is 100% honey. I know I am vegan and I don’t eat honey. But honey can help the cats in many ways that VCO can’t do.


If your cats are having a cough or severe coughs non-stop. Take honey and put it in their mouth. Let them swallow it. It helped the cough to stop. Then if your cats have severe snots or usually what I call with cat flu (snots can produce in cats because of some viruses), you can help them breathe and fight the virus with honey. Same like cough, just put in on their mouth and make sure they swallow it. The honey would help them to also swallow the mucus that might be stuck on their throat, make them hard to breathe. But still, just like I said, snots are happened because of virus. Take the cats to the vet, honey just the first aid to make your cats feel better before they are going to the vet.


And the most important part why I still need honey for the cats is to make them swallow the pills or tablet. Giving medicine for the cats can be a nightmare. Trust me I have loads of bite and scratch marks on my hands and legs just because I tried to give medicine for both my adopted cats or even worse the stray ones. But we still need to give medicine for them and you know it. Sometimes asking the vet to give us the liquid medicine would cost much more money or sometimes they refused because the tablet/pill one are better. And most if the times, giving the liquid medicine is not going to solve our problems. It spills all over the place, the cats throw it out from their mouth again after we give it to them, and many bad stuffs can happen. After many trials and errors, I finally found the best method when it comes to giving medicine to the cats which is use honey to cover the pill or tablet then shove it to their throat. I know it sounds cruel but the cats are fine. You had to be gentle though. Usually pill or tablet have a bitter taste. Covering it with honey would help to fake the taste and making it sweet. And because honey is liquid but quite dense, compared with VCO, so it would stick to the pill or tablet then make the medicine much easier to swallow because it will make the throat slippery.


  1. Cat dewormer

Sometimes you forget about when’s the time your cats should be dewormed, or you just rescued a cat and he need to be dewormed. That is why having a dewormer on the closet is necessary. About what to give and when to give it or how to give it, you can click it here (it’s in Bahasa).


  1. Vitamin/supplements/immune booster

Haven’t made a post about this yet but it is important to always have vitamins or supplements or immune booster that the cats can have on the closet. Give it regularly and give it on a daily basis for the cat that have special need (in my case just like Ori and Kitto). This stuffs come handy when the weather is not really friendly for the cats and when their condition is not at best. This surely will help so the cats won’t get worse or sick.


  1. Eye drop

One of the medicine that cats usually need is an eye drop. You can use the regular cat eye drop or the ones that you buy at the pharmacy using the vet’s prescription. For me, I stocked up both. I use the regular cat’s eye-drop to treat mild sore eyes, red eye, or dirty eyes. But if using the regular one not working, I change to the second, the antibiotic one. I used the one named Sagestam, it can be used to treat eyes and ears. But it’s an antibiotic though so you can’t use it on a regular basis. Only to treat a sick eyes or an infected ears. I have both and I put them on the refrigerator. Always remember to check on the expiry date, if it’s already passed the date, throw the inside on a toilet then throw the bottle to the trash can. Then buy a new one.


  1. Ear cleanser

I know this one is not happening but I found this stuff is important. Cat’s ears are easy to get dirty or infected. Even usually scabies is found most in the ears. So, it is important to taking care of your cat’s ears. I have two types of cat’s ears cleanser. The first one is an ear drops type. You just put 2-3 drops on the ears and it would kill all the bad stuffs there. It will be effective to treat the inside of the ears because you can’t touch it there. But it would be hard if the bad stuffs is on the tip of their ears. So this is why I have the second one. The second one is a liquid and you use it with a cotton pad to wipe the ears. It would clean up the ears so they would be all happy without scratching their ears so much. Anyway, just like I said on my post about VCO, you can also use VCO to treat the ears of cats and dogs.


I guess this all the list of the important stuff that you need to have in your cat’s necessities box for now. I know it sounds a lot but if you have it, you will safe more money than to take your cats back and forth to the cats because they’re sick. Taking care of cats means taking care of life. It won’t be easy but once you get a hang of it, you will realized that is not as hard as people said it’s gonna be.


I hope this post would help. If you have a question, just write on a comment section here or on our Instagram: @jbscat.


High paws!



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  1. Julie says:

    Brilliant idea, coating a tablet in Honey, I’ll remember this tip 😺👍🏼 Xxx


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