I was born and raised in Bandung city, Indonesia. I grew up seeing many cats walking around on the streets. When I was in primary school, me and my friends on the neighbourhood have 2 cats that we called Meong and Memeng. Meong has a white colour with ginger spots just like Jelly and Dobby (you know who is Jelly and Dobby if you already follow our Instagram: @jbscat). While Memeng is a grey tabby cat. We feed them every day and brought them to play with us and let them hanging out on our houses for years.


One day when we were playing hide and seek outside, we saw a car passing by and as we were hiding on the side of the street, we saw Memeng run to find a safe place to hide from the car but this car keep moving until Memeng got run over. We screamed in horror. Some of us screaming and running to chase the car while saying, ”Please, stop you just run over our cat!” But the car did not seem to bother. The others, including me, ran to Memeng and saw him breathing really heavily with all the poops coming out uncontrollably from his anus. I was crying because of sadness and anger. But we are just a little kids back then..what can we do? We all talked to our parents and none of our parents told us to bring Memeng to the vet. So one of our friend just took him home and let him have his moment.


You know what? A couple hours after the incident, my sister told me that she knew who are the people who was in the car. Turns out it’s one of the teacher at our Sunday school with his family. I grew hatred to him and his family ever since. And since I was a little kid, I have learned about how religion can’t make a person kind and beautiful. That teacher and his whole family only nice when it comes to the people that he wanted to impressed. Unfortunately, a bunch of kids playing hide and seek on the street and one grey tabby cat is not on his list.


Surprisingly, Memeng survived through all the pain. We were so happy although Memeng can’t gained more weight so he always looked skinny. Now I totally forgot how I lost him… But I’m still remember vividly about the incident. Sometimes brain is weird, right?


Now let’s talk about Meong. Meong actually the very first cat that I care about in my whole life as far as I can remember. He is also the first cat that really come into our life.. then after that comes Memeng. Meong always hanging out on my front yard. At that time, my house’s front yard actually almost look the same like the current one. No major change happened to my house since the moment I was born. LOL.


Meong is a sweet loving guy who likes cuddles and food. At that time, I did not understand about cat food so we only gave him leftover meat or bones from our lunch or dinner. Meong live with us for quite a long time until one day he went missing for days. I was a little kid so the best thing I can do was to ask my parent about Meong’s whereabout. After days we did not see him, my friends’ Mom in the neighbourhood told me that she just saw Meong on the frontyard of our other neighbour at the corner of the street (it is now the house in front of Biscuit’s house). Me, my sister and one of my friend walk with her to the house. Turns out there was really Meong..but he already dead. It was just his lifeless body, with blood coming out from his mouth. That house was already empty for years at that time so we can’t ask the people who live in that house about how Meong’s body ended up there.


But then the woman told us that she already asked the people who live around that house. She said most likely Meong got run over by a car. This woman then helped us to give Meong a proper burial on the alley behind that house. I always went pass that alley when I go streetfeeding these days with my partner and I still remember about Meong.


Anyways that the story about Meong and Memeng. The first 2 cats that I’ve ever loved. Actually I used to have hamsters, bunnies, chickens, marmots, turtles, etc.. I loved animal since I was a kid but thanks to internet now I know so many things so I can be a better animal lover.


Thank you for reading this story!

If you like please leave me a comment or a like.

And if I write in a wrong vocabulary or sentence or grammar please let me know! English is not my first language so as I write and post in English here, I also want to learn to be better.





PS: “Meong” is the sound of a cat in Indonesia. “Meong…meong…meong….”


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Armita Lubis says:

    Ko sedih banget siy? Hikkksss.. semoga makin banyak orang2 yang sadar untuk berkendaraan secara bener n memperhatikan sekitarnya. 😥😊🙏


  2. Cornelia says:

    I loved Reading about Meong and Memeng 😊 I was the same as a kid, also had cats, Rabbits and hamsters. And I would watch every animal program in TV.


    1. Nicole Andrea says:

      me too. I love watching Discovery Channel when I was a kid. 😀


  3. Such a bittersweet story..Loved to read how it all started ❤


  4. Julie says:

    Aww thank you so much for sharing this story about your first ever cats. So sorry you had to witness such horrible things, it’s upsetting enough when you are an adult but as a child this stuff is really distressing 😔


    1. Nicole Andrea says:

      Well it really did hurt me but all the adult at that time seem cool and did not even bother about what I have experienced so at that time I thought “oh, maybe I’m such a drama” So I moved on..


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